Wild Things in the Wildflowers

by Stefani on 31-May-2007

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We decided to walk to and from the gym today, mostly because I wanted to gather up some wildflowers on the way home. (Doesn’t everyone take scissors and baskets to the gym?)

I imagined us strolling down the lane, marveling at the glory of creation. Me telling them the common names of the flowers that crossed our paths, them gushing over my intellect.

Not quite.

Ryder kept wandering into the road (it’s a quiet one, thank goodness). James told me no less than 85 times he would “die of starvation” if he didn’t get a drink soon. Luke was so busy ordering James to stop whining and warning Ryder that he would be “smooshed to pieces” if he didn’t get out of the road, to notice the beauty of nature.

But you know what made it all better?

When we got home (without being smooshed), drank a gallon of water, and put these flowers in a vase, Luke said, “It’s so pretty! It should be our centerpiece at dinner tonight.”

Did you catch that? “CENTERPIECE”. I love that kid.

The camel, I mean James, set right to work drawing our flowers. He does that lately, draws things that he wants to last. He’s pretty great too.


And Ryder, he decided to spread those flowers all over the garden room. Some on the floor, some on the craft table, some on the couch, some on the end tables, because it was “so so pretty, Mama!” This one is a royal pain in the butt, but he’s got vision. He does, and I love him for that. A lot of other reasons too.

Yep, I guess I’ll keep them.

erin June 1, 2007 at 1:45 pm

hee – love the artwork and the roadside comments. sounds like us.

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