Tomato Pie

by Stefani on 25-May-2007


If you've never had one, you're probably a little skeptical. It's okay, I understand, but I'm telling you, give it a shot. You will become as addicted as we are! 

I've fed this pie to a whole bunch of people and they are always amazed and back for more. This is Paula Deen's version, I think. I've made so many that I make it from memory, so I can't be sure exactly. 

First, preheat your oven to 350, and put a big pot of water on to boil.

You're going to prebake a pie shell (I just use the roll out kind that comes on the fridge section of the store, already made), for about 8 or 9 minutes. Don't forget to poke a few holes in the bottom, so the steam can escape and your crust doesn't end up with big bubbles in the bottom.

Then, you're going to boil 4 or 5 big tomatoes for just a couple of minutes, until their skins start to crack.


Lay them on a towel and let them cool. 

While they do that, chop up some green onions and about 10 or so nice big leaves of fresh basil.


Once your tomatoes are cooled, peel off the skins and slice them. Lay them out on paper towels to drain, and give them a good bit of salt and pepper. 

After they've drained pretty well for 10 minutes or so, put a layer in the prebaked pie shell. Layer some onions and basil on top, and repeat.


Now, mix up 1 cup each of mayonnaise, mozzarella and cheddar.


And spread that on top of the tomato/basil/onion stuff.


Now bake the whole thing for about 30 minutes, until it's bubbly and golden on top. Let it sit for 20 minutes or so to cool. Then prepare to fall in love!

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