The Sub

by Stefani on 10-February-2009

I called in a sick day.

I had good intentions. I was going to just work through it… have some tea, put a cold rag on my head, maybe stuff some eucalyptus leaves up my nose, and just carry on like a good homeschooling soldier.

I was gonna, but I didn’t. Turns out I’m more weenie, than soldier.

So, I packed my purse with contra-ban snacks and took the boys to a movie. It’s dark in movies. Dark and quiet, and children sit still for two whole hours. Glory be!

We saw Coraline– had the whole theater to ourselves. It was gorgeous, incredible, beautiful really, but also pretty scary. And there was this one scene with a rather large granny in pasties. For real. That was kinda awkward.

Overall, though it was fantastic (the movie, I mean, not so much the pasties), but maybe not right for kids who tend to hear all the bumps in the night, you know what I mean?

Wanna know the best part? When we came home, the substitute teacher had arrived. My amazing man told me to go take a nap because he and his guys had “some stuff to do.”

Lord, I do love that man.

When I woke up two hours later (let me repeat that, just because I really like saying it out loud…




they had busted out the “Make and Do” book and their tools and were going to town, making and doing.

Make and Do

Hammer In the Morning

They decided that their club house needed some tikis.

Ambivalent Tiki

Cool right?

I totally have a crush on the Sub.

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