The Magic Bus

by Stefani on 24-June-2009

Hello Book of Days families! How’s your summer?

I always find that “lazy days of summer” business a bit laughable. Our summer days are always far more frenetic than the rest of the year. But, with temperatures soaring we are being forced to find some fun things to do indoors. Which has meant, of course, that our Book of Days activities are getting lots of play.

One thing that has been lots of fun for my guys has been our study of the states through this month’s Collect the States game. We thought it would be neat to plan some imaginary vacations to different states, and so the “Magic Bus” was born. Essentially, it’s a bus that lives in our dreams… a big old Blue Bird, restored to greatness. It’s fitted with beds and a kitchen, whirring knobs and whizzing buttons that send us in a flash to anywhere we fancy.

The Magic Bus Tour

We decided to start our Magic Bus adventures in Maine because really, when it’s well over a hundred degrees here, Maine’s average summer temps in the 70s sound just this side of heaven. So we wrote to the Maine Department of Tourism and ordered their visitor information packet. When our packet came you would have thought it was first class tickets to the state itself. Though who needs first class when you’ve got the Magic Bus?

We broke out the map, busted open the travel materials and got to work planning our imaginary Maine vacation. In some ways, its been a lot like a real vacation. There’s arguing over the itinerary, lots of good food and every now and again we have to pull over for a bathroom break and a chance to stretch our legs 🙂

We’ve read up on various destinations (lighthouses, nature preserves, lobster boat tours, whale watching!), and printed out photos of them for our Magic Bus scrapbook. I’ve stopped just short though of their indulging their request to bring home a live lobster to cook. I’m trying to work up the nerve. Really I am. I love lobster… I love it in it’s post cooked stated.

We DID however make chocolate mousse after being introduced to Maine’s favorite chocolate moose. You can find the recipe here.

The boys have since ordered up a number of state tourism packets. They get such a kick out of it when “their state” packet arrives with their name on it. Kentucky has just come in the mail, so it’s about time to start up the bus again!

Where will your travels (real or imagined) take YOU this summer?

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