Thank you, Friends.

by Stefani on 16-January-2009

Thank you, so very very much. My guy read your comments as they came in yesterday, and it just meant the world to him - 

to know that people cared how he was feeling, 

to know that people cared about Sadie, 

to hear your own pet stories, and know he isn't alone in caring deeply for his animal friends. 

It really did so much to comfort him. This mama is so grateful for all of you, so grateful. 

It was a good day yesterday, followed by a good night. 

I got to duck out for a bit after dinner, to meet a friend at the bookstore (thank you Daddy!). We flipped through magazines, swapped stories, chattered on too long, and left smiling into a shivery night. 

Every single time I meet with a friend I wonder why I don't do that more often. It's so good to sit across the table from another mama and decompress, refuel, connect. And I didn't even have to tell her to "stop that" or "get down from there," nor did I have to wipe her nose  - not a single, solitary time. How can you beat that?

Then I got home and found this duct taped to my bedroom door: 

Love Him and Kiss Him and Snug Him to Bits

Right then and there I vowed to smooch them just as long and as hard as they will let me. I almost woke them up to begin the snuggling straight away. Almost. 

That's my plan for the weekend though, Smooch Fest 2009. 

I hope that your weekend is full of warmth and snuggles too!

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