Taking Our Show on the Road

by Stefani on 6-February-2009

Every now and again, as a mama, I catch a small glimpse of the men that my boys are becoming. 

An expression, something in the way they walk, a certain new sound in their laughter… whatever it is, it makes me catch my breath every time. They are, everyday, becoming. And it is so beautiful, such an honor, to witness their unfolding. 

I felt that way yesterday when I walked around the corner and saw this: 

Sunshine of Your Love

He was not practicing, "Are You Sleeping" or "Lightly Row," the standard kid songs that he's learned in guitar lessons. He was picking out notes… listen, pluck, listen, pluck, listen, pluck. Finally he looked up and grinned and said, "I've got it! Listen, Mama!"

And then he played the guitar riff from "Sunshine of Your Love." Clear as day. 

Blew. My. Mind. 

What? When did we move from kiddie sing-alongs to CREAM????

It's awesome and sobering both, to see those glimpses of what's to come, isn't it?

When I witness a little growing up, it makes me want to swoop them up and hold them for hours. Breathe them. 

So that's what we're gonna do this weekend. We're packing up our guitars and colored pencils and snacks and heading out for a family road trip. We're gonna try to get lost in the woods and in each other. 

If you can't roll out into the wild blue yourself this weekend, can I suggest some road trip alternatives? 

First, I highly recommend The Little Traveller videos. The are so fun and well made. We ordered "Japan" and it has been on constant rotation since it came in the mail. My boys LOVE it and frankly so do I. I miss Japan, so it brings back so many good memories. We can't wait to get our hands on "Bali" and the "British Isles!"

Second, click on those buttons to the right… our new sponsors, "Boton De Amor" and "Visual Art". Both are operated by the sweet, incredibly talented, Julie Alvarez. I love visiting her blog and shops… it's like a warm breeze and an umbrella drink. Her life seems so full of passion and color and vibrancy – and it shows in her gorgeous, warm, photos and in her handwork too. Oh  how I wish that those Thai fisherman pants came in Mama size!!! 

I can't tell you what it means to me – this connection – knowing that our work is traveling the world, and that in the same way, the work of other families hands and hearts is finding it's way back to us.

 Today we travel the roads of Texas, laughing and loving, while far away, Julie and her little girl walk the streets of Buenos Aires. And somewhere out in the big world, the Little Travellers are finding new adventures too. Yet as far apart as our paths take us, in some small way, we all carry a bit of each other with us.  


Happy weekend, everyone!

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