Ta Da!!! The February Edition is up!

by Stefani on 26-January-2009

Hooray!! It isn't so often that I do anything as scheduled folks, so I must tell you that I am SO proud to say that the February edition of our Book of Days is now ready for download!

Book of Days, February

This month's edition has almost twice as many activities, a fancy color-coded parent guide and it's just darn cute, if I do say so. You can take a little peek here. 

We sure hope that  your family enjoys it as much as we have enjoyed making it for you!

But wait, there's more!!

No no, there's no ghinsu knives, but there IS a new shop! We've christened it the "Blue Yonder Ranch." 

We are very lucky to have a Grandfather who  knows how to make all our shop dreams come true. He built us a fancy pants store that does all kinds of cool stuff. 

I'm gonna be honest with ya… I'm pretty dang excited about telling folks that I have my own "ranch" too. 

The new shop allows you see some preview pages before you buy. Better still, you get your download page and password immediately… no more waiting around for us slowpokes to send you your book!

Don't get me wrong, I love Etsy. I love love LOVE Etsy, and I think you should shop there every chance you get, but for this particular kinda thing… well, we needed a little wide open space where the deer and the antelope could roam. Know what I mean? 

So run right over to the Ranch, mosey about, take a gander, ride the range and all that other cowboyish stuff. 

Hold your hosses for just one sec though… we have prizes to give away!

January's Book of Days contest winner is lucky #13 – none other than Crystal, of Elsewhere Living. Email me your 411, Crystal, and we will send your Tomten and book off straight away!

And now to tell you about this month's prize.

Brace yourselves for the cuteness.

Seriously, take a seat

Hold onto something sturdy.

I give you… 



Do you know Crinkleroot? Isn't he completely stinking adorable? Crinkleroot and his books are well loved here at the Ranch. He's a cute little old fella who was said to have been born in a tree and raised by bees. He traverses the pages of several delicious children's books and makes it his mission to teach young folks how to "Walk in Wild Places."

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win this gorgeous handmade Crinkleroot, courtesy of the endlessly talented MamaKopp. You will also receive a copy of our very favorite Crinkleroot title, his "Nature Almanac." Unfortunately, it's out of print, so we're giving away a used, but still in very good condition, copy. 

Now I ask you, what on earth could be better than reading about Crinkleroot's adventures and then slipping him into your pocket to go on some wild wanderings together? Not much. 

As always, if you send us stories about your family's adventures with this month's edition of the Book of Days (via email or our new Book of Days Flickr group), you can earn extra contest entries. You can also earn an extra entry by leaving a comment on the Book of Days page! 

We will draw a winner on February 23rd, when the March edition of our book is available. 


And now, we're going to eat ice cream sundaes and take a nap!

Join us back here tomorrow, and we promise to talk about something else!

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