Symmetry in Architecture

by Stefani on 27-April-2009

Remember back in the February edition of the Book of Days when we took a look at architecture? Well we haven’t quite given that study up yet. In fact, my resident builder/designer/engineer is always sizing up buildings.

So when we began looking at symmetry in nature this month, he immediately began noticing symmetry in manmade structures.

We did a quick search for symmetry on Flickr and compiled this mosaic of some of our favorite finds.

Symmetry in Architecture

(click on the photo to see it larger and to view the photo credits)

We printed it out and hung it up near the drawing table where it now serves as inspiration for imagined worlds. There’s been a good deal of exploring symmetry with blocks and Legos as a result too.

Is your house symmetrical?

How about your face?

Are you sure?

Check this out, and then try it yourself here.

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