Sprinkle Wishes and Cupcake Dreams :: Learning About Architecture

by Stefani on 17-February-2009

We took a little jaunt downtown today. We were all feeling like we needed to get the creative juices flowing. 

As part of one our February Book of Days projects, we've been taking note of different kinds of architectural elements, windows, doors, arches, etc, and thought that cruising downtown would expand our architectural horizons. 

Oh yeah, did it ever! It was so cool to watch them begin to really SEE… to start looking at buildings as art, noticing their different elements. It led some great discussions about what architects and designers do, why they choose the materials that they do, how their vision becomes a part of the "feel" of a town. Very very cool stuff. I love things like this… where you can almost see their little minds opening to new ideas. 

So, even though it was dreary and rainy we just had the best time seeking out all the places in Austin that we most like to look at. There are a LOT of cool, interesting, funky, weird places to love in our town! We took photos of tons of stuff and are going to print them out and make a big "inspiration board" that will hopefully add some flair to our drawings of buildings and towns. 

When we got home, those creative juices were OVERflowing, so we set to building some mini versions of our favorite stops. 

First building project?

Duh, how could you not start with "Hey Cupcake?"

Here's the original: 

What I'd Like to Do When I Grow Up

And here's our version: 

Hey Cupcake!Open For Business

Not too bad huh? 

I think my favorite part is the mini bunting.

Mini Bunting

I mean really, what day is not made better by sprinkles and bunting? 


They're working on adding some more buildings now. 

Luke and James are working on the State Theater. Ryder is doing Betsy's Bar. His choice. 

No really. 


Cupcake stand to bar in half an hour's time… kids these days just grow up too fast. 

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