by Stefani on 24-February-2009


Expected highs are in the lower 80s all week. 

Things are blooming. 

Today I will draw something with crayons. 

We will finish Kildee House

We will get our hands into the soil and plant something new. 

We will bake some bread and begin some birthday planning for a boy that is getting too big too fast. 

I ask you, could there be a sweeter life to live?
I don't see how. 

In times such as these, when the news is frightening and the outlook is uncertain, it does me so much good to remember that there will always be the newness of Spring, the joy of crayons, books to devour and love to share. 

********Note ********* 

The book is finished. Its a tad later than I hoped, but I think you're gonna like it.  
All that is left now is the tying of loose ends and the techno wizardry that makes it magically appear in the shop. (Thank you Grandfather!). It will be available on Wednesday morning (the 25th) . 

Making this month's edition was really, truly a delight for us. We hope that it will bring your family some good times too! 

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