Slow Like Honey

by Stefani on 25-May-2007

Without meaning to, we’ve slowed down with the changing of the season. You might disagree, if you’ve read about our recent adventures, running about town, but it’s true. It’s not so much that our days are any less filled, it’s just that we seem to be lingering longer.

The kids are sleeping later, and going to bed later. We’re eating later. We’re being lazy in the mornings a little longer than we were.

And it suits me fine.

Yesterday, we stayed at the the pool until we were wrinkly. I just sat in the shallow end while Ryder ran circles around me with his boat, and Luke and James snorkled (you never know when a fish or buried treasure might pop up in a pool!). I just sat and soaked them in.

I was reminded of that Peter Blegvad song, “Daughter”

If you don’t know it, it’s a sweet tribute to a little girl with lines like:

That’s my daughter, in the water.
Everything she owns I bought her.
Everything she knows I taught her.
I lost every time I fought her.
Who would have thought her? (I’m paraphrasing)

While I watched my guys swim, I was thinking that Peter (cause I know him well enough to call him that?) must have felt the way I did, mystified that he had any claim at all on the love(s) of his life. Our life can seem so average, and so extraordinary all at once.

When we came home, I took my time making dinner, Basil pesto chicken,


tomato pie (just about my favorite food)


new potatoes and green beans. So very summer.


Then, we dipped a few (okay about half the bowl) of these in white chocolate for dessert:


At dinner, we sat and talked, and sat and talked and then talked and sat. This is NOT my family. Usually, they wolf down their food and get on with the playing, even the Daddy. I really think that summer is seeping into our souls, turning down the volume, letting off the gas. And I’m loving it.

erin May 25, 2007 at 7:27 am

it sounds just wonderful. i am looking forward to life slowing down a bit once school is out!

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