See This Beach?

by Stefani on 26-May-2009

Take a good long look at this beach: 

Our Last Morning

Print it out, hang it on your wall and admire it because it no longer exists in real life. 

I'm real sorry about that. 

You would have liked it. 

Nice clean sand, big fat shells, lots of interesting critters (jellies, hermit crabs and even a lone sea horse)… but alas, it is no longer. 

All that salty water… 

All that sand…

Pretty much all the shells and seaweed… gone. 

Well not GONE exactly, just moved. 

It all now resides in my car, in our suit cases, and In the 20 ft tall tidal wave of laundry in which we swim. 

So go on down to Padre if you like, but there's nothing to see there anymore. If you want to see the beach you'll have to come to my house instead. 

Well that, OR you could check out our new, fresh off the (metaphorical) presses, Book of Days.

Into the Deep

We worked on it some at the beach and some at Granny's house in the woods over the past month, so it's full of salty air, sand and a little down home country sunshine to boot. 

Check it out over at our Summer Launch Party at the Ranch…. there's some Mama Kopp goodies in it for ya!

Now it's back to the sand and surf (aka wash and rinse cycles) for me!
Stefanie May 26, 2009 at 10:47 am

Wow. What a fabulous picture. I haven’t been to Padre in almost 20 years, but you have motivated me to plan a trip with my daughter in the very near future. I’m glad you had such a fabulous time.

steadymom May 26, 2009 at 11:45 am

Beautiful. Gotta get my tribe to some sand soon.


Hannah May 26, 2009 at 12:26 pm

You are so clever. I thought this was going to be about how Hurricane Ike washed it all away or something! 🙂

Cassandra May 26, 2009 at 3:56 pm

Wow. That photo is breathtaking. If you have that in your back yard, I’m on my way over…

Sarah @ May 26, 2009 at 4:00 pm

That is a BEAUTIFUL picture!

Although you scared me about the beach not being there for a minute. I started tearing up about the missing beach. Pregnancy is so weird.

I’m glad you had a good time! Good luck with the laundry.

Jennifer Holm May 26, 2009 at 6:39 pm

What a gorgeous photo!

Elissa May 27, 2009 at 5:31 am

oh, that photo. that is heaven right there.

keep a little of that sand in your stuff for awhile. you’ll miss it when it’s gone.

nytesong May 27, 2009 at 5:41 am

Loving the colors in that Book of Days underwater illustration!

Relishing Life May 27, 2009 at 7:51 am

What a gorgeous shot!! I wish we could make it to a beach soon!

darlene May 27, 2009 at 8:28 pm

awesome shot! hope swimming in laundry is as fun as swimming in the ocean!

Ansley May 28, 2009 at 7:09 pm

Stefani, that photo is simply divine!! I love it!!

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