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by Stefani on 15-February-2009

First and foremost…. the winner of our contest

The great and powerful random number generator says: #92, which belongs to 

Reyln of Come Sit By My Fire  Relyn, I'll be emailing you about your birdies! 

A big thank you to Julie for sharing her talent with us!

 Also, a big thanks to all of you who had encouraging words about our video. 

The boys were so super thrilled to know that you liked it.

And me… well, it's done wonders for my self control.

Nothing like seeing your backside in a live action movie to help you say "no thanks" to those dang girl scouts. 

Must they hawk their deliciously evil cookies on every corner!? There are Thin Mints and Carmel Delights taunting me every bloody place I go! 

Moving on.


I had them going for a while…

I sat my boys down and told them that their Mama and Daddy are undercover agents, and that we thought they were big enough to lend a hand on one of our top secret jobs. 

They were riveted. 

I was fighting like crazy to keep a straight face. 

I showed them the classfied clues that would lead us to the "drop box" location, and explained our mission – first we had to come up with a code name and a related stamp. Then, we had to locate the box. The box would have a stamp and a log book inside. 

Our goal is to use the box's stamp to mark our own mission log book, then mark the book in the box with OUR stamp – a sort of secret code swap. 

They were SO in. 

Trouble is, I don't lie worth a darn. My poker face is virtually nonexistent. 

They realized pretty quickly that mama is full of horse hooey, and most assuredly NOT a secret agent. 

They're still not sure about Daddy though… he might be the real McCoy. 

 If you don't know about this little game, it's called letterboxing. You can read all about it here and even find some clues to boxes in your area. 

I was so surprised to find that there are SO many clues in places that I never would have expected! There's even several in little out of the way small towns that we pass through on the way to Granny's house. 

I have a feeling that all future road trips are going to involve a few letterboxing missions. 

We went on that first mission a few weeks back and were immediately hooked. So, we decided that it would be a fun way to spend Valentine's Day. Our adventures led us to some really neat historic sites in our area that we never knew existed, and then we would up at Innerspace Cavern – a place I haven't thought much about since my school field trip days. It's as awe inspiring (and also as retro kitsch) as ever. We even got to stand with our faces just inches from itty bitty little hibernating bats! 

Needless to say, we had a blast and can't wait for our next mission. 

And now that we have our Speedball cutters (they were a BIG hit!), we might make a few stamps and leave some clues of our own. 

So fun. 

Psst…. Look over in the right hand sidebar… there's a little President's Day secret code for YOU!

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