Rockin’ Mama

by Stefani on 9-October-2008

Day's End 

Sweet Amanda over at Soulemama has herself a new/old rocker and has decided that she's going to park herself there for the foreseeable future. 

I think she's onto something.

And I kinda think I'd like to join her. 

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just sit a spell? We could circle up our chairs, break out the knitting and trade stories/recipes/hopes/fears and just laugh until our cheeks hurt?   

My rocker is the very one that my mother used when I was a baby. It rocked each of my sons, and still sees daily use. I sit in it to read to them, and even though they are getting rather big, I can still gather them up on my lap for a little snuggling. 

Sometimes too, at the end of a long day I sit there in my rocker and just close my eyes and breathe in and out a while. 

My corner seat has even seen a little bit of knitting here lately!  I didn't say skillful knitting mind you, just knitting. 

And now, after our recent trip, my rocker is also home to my new most favorite possession – an early birthday present from my Granny, She gave me this quilt, which was made a long time ago by my great grandmother, my Momo. 

When we got home from our trip, and all the laundry was unpacked, and everyone was fed and bathed and put to bed and I had a second to sit, it was here, under this quilt where I took a load off and had myself a good cry. I sat, running my fingers over those tiny hand stitches, seeing my Momo's smile and wishing my Granny wasn't so dang far away. 

It's a little thing really. to sit in a rocker with an old quilt in your lap and a little person at your feet, playing, or drawing or dreaming. But it's a little thing that in it's own quiet way means the whole world to me.

It's a connection to my own mother and all the love and strength that she's passed down to me.

It's a little piece of my Granny carried home with me – a little piece that I can wrap up in when I get to missing her and those pine trees too badly.

It's my Momo's hands, still stitching their way into our lives, warming our bodies and hearts. 

And after seeing Amanda's post, her sitting in her own rocker, knitting away with her little tribe of Soules at her feet, I see that it's also the thread that weaves us all together – all the mamas out there doing their best to bring a little mindfulness, understanding and grace into this crazy world, for the sake of the small hearts that we hold so dear. 

Pull up a chair, friends.
Tammy October 9, 2008 at 8:22 pm

Your post literally brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for encouraging me to sit awhile…

Michele C October 9, 2008 at 8:35 pm

You know, I was thinking about that very same thing tonight as I was driving home at 9:20 from an errand worried about all the work I still had to do. I was remembering Amanda’s post and her knitting in the chair and then thinking about my favorite red, cushy wing chair that’s comfortable enough to relax in but sturdy enough to sit properly and crochet. I won’t be sitting in that chair crocheting for a while, but it will be waiting for me either when I am ready or when I can’t stand it anymore and just plop down and refuse to move from its comfort. — Michele

Lori October 9, 2008 at 8:50 pm

stef, i think you’re going to need a bigger porch. ;^)

Maria October 9, 2008 at 9:28 pm

I would love to pull up a chair and chat with all these wonderful mamas I’ve “meet” in blog world out here! Thank you for your wonderful posts. (From a mama of two in the Pacific NW)

melissa s. October 9, 2008 at 10:04 pm

beautiful quilt, and sentiment to match.

brit October 9, 2008 at 10:54 pm

I”ve decided to just give up blogging myself and instead cutting and pasting your blog posts into my space….whoops, maybe I should have kept that to myself.

LOVE the quilt. Beautiful.

Marina (from Denmark) October 10, 2008 at 1:28 am

This post reminds me of your very first post, and nothing I have read on the net has ever touched me like that. I still carry your fist post in my heart and will properly never forget it.

Amy October 10, 2008 at 5:08 am

Thanks. I don’t mind if I do.

Aileen October 10, 2008 at 5:12 am

what a beautiful post. thank you.

Barbara October 10, 2008 at 5:28 am

oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find my way to your blog. thank for the daily doses of inspiration!

Aunt LoLo October 10, 2008 at 5:37 am

All the women in my family, from my daughter to my grandmother, have a quilt from my great-grandmother. I’m sure Great-Gramma Susie had no idea how far down the line her quilts would go – she grew up as a sharecropper in rural, backwoods Alabama and sewed quilts because they needed them. After she passed away, the quilts were rounded up and those that wanted them took them. My grandmother hoarded quite a few and is now passing them down to her own great-grandchildren (three and counting!). It is such a beautiful, warm tradition.

Jennifer October 10, 2008 at 6:10 am

What an inspiring post! Nothing lowers the blood pressure like the knitting/rocking combo. I suppose that is why it is such a granny cliche.

Ansley October 10, 2008 at 6:15 am

Beautiful poetic words of wisdom. I have found myself, not in a rocker but the end of my couch with 4 or so knit projects, a book, my tea on the table. I think it’s the time of the year for coziness!

Leslie October 10, 2008 at 6:22 am

i think i might need to go out and get my own rocker now…it looks and seems like it would be so soothing for me and for the little people in my house.

kathy October 10, 2008 at 6:46 am

there is nothing better than rocking with my little one in my chair. always a calming spot for each one of us and one I need to remember more for knitting too. thank you for a lovely post to start my day and the inspiration to perhaps write a little bit about rockin here.

Darla October 10, 2008 at 6:54 am

Your writing and sentiments are a special part of my day. In these most uncertain of times what a wonderful idea to round up the rockers and enjoy all that we have, including special memories. Now I’ll go visit Amanda and see how she’s doing in her rocker! Thank you!

Stephanie B October 10, 2008 at 8:09 am

Its always nice to take a break and sit and remember the people we love. I am taking my grandmother’s rocking chair soon and love that I will always be able to think of her as I rock.

Mad(elyn) in Alabama October 10, 2008 at 9:00 am

I am so please I read this entry today – I hopped on over to Soulemama, as well. She is now on my reading list, called “Just good writing”, as are you.

If you read my comment over there, you’ll see my “thing” for chairs of all kinds…folks tease me!

I have 2 gold brocade (ewwwww?) chairs that my mother has since we lived in Panama over 50 years ago – they used to be covered in this huge magnolia pattern (ewwww?) before the gold.

I just can’t seem to truly get around to re-covering them – silly me. They are such a part of my “history.”

Thanks again,
~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

BTW – I am not a wife, a mother or young – but I love reading your posts.

beautythatmoves October 10, 2008 at 9:39 am

you’ve captured it stefani. you really have, yet again.

Baba October 10, 2008 at 10:14 am

What is life without a good rocking chair. I have mine ready to join you and will bring the coffee.

Cassandra October 10, 2008 at 10:42 am

Rocking chair mamas of the world unite! A circle of friends in rockers is a grand thought, children playing together in the middle. That circle of life and love and family is a lovely thought to begin the weekend with. Cheers!

Qalballah October 10, 2008 at 2:13 pm

Whenever I come here I always get a lump in my throat, or a tear in my eye. *sniff* mindful parenting. Sometimes in the crazy times it’s good to remember our goal – to leave good deposits in our children’s memory banks…

Qalballah October 10, 2008 at 2:14 pm

Oh and yes, the quilt made me gasp when I saw it. Very beautiful. Lucky you.

Meredith October 10, 2008 at 3:09 pm

Gosh, you’ve made me cry two days in a row. Keep up the wonderful writing, it is thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you.

Tiffany October 10, 2008 at 3:23 pm

Amazing. You capture the true meaning of heritage. I hope those boys of yours realize how truly lucky they are. You are one of a kind, my friend. Many Blessings.

Alissa October 10, 2008 at 5:41 pm

Yes. Really I think that says it it. Yes.

jodi October 11, 2008 at 1:52 am

Beautiful…and may every muma, everywhere, have a chair to sit, a cup of tea beside her, a child near her feet.

emily October 11, 2008 at 5:47 am

consider my chair pulled up next to yours. i only wish i had a quilt like that to snuggle under.

suse October 11, 2008 at 6:11 am

I just dusted the cobwebs off my rocking chair (it lives outside near the front door, and we’re just coming out of winter here so it’s been unused for a while) and I’m joining the circle!

I brought my half knitted slipper with me.

elissa Finger October 11, 2008 at 2:06 pm

that quilt is beautiful in so many ways…. thanks for sharing

Fe October 12, 2008 at 3:57 am

Such a beautiful post. I have given you an award on my blog…… come on over and claim it! xx

Carrie October 12, 2008 at 10:47 am

You climbed into my heart & stated it best. Thank you for spelling out the desires of my own heart so beautifully.

Myra October 12, 2008 at 2:21 pm

You know, I have started doing that lately, rocking in the afternoons with crochet or hand sewing to finish a hem, etc. Some one mentioned it helps the stress/blood pressure in an earlier comment. It does and where it’s located in my house, gives me a good vantage point to observe the doings of the 4 kiddos.

Meg Evans October 12, 2008 at 6:29 pm

I had read Amanda’s post, but you’ve inspired me to go rescue our rocking chair from the basement–I think our fireplace is going to get a workout this winter, since I’ll be knitting and rocking beside it!

A lovely post, as usual!

Gretchen Skovron October 14, 2008 at 5:42 am

I don’t have a rocker but I have a spot that holds that place. A nice wooden chair that is the perfect width to sit with your legs curled up under you and a babe in your lap to read “brown bear” one more time. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your spot. Cheers!

waldorfmama October 16, 2008 at 8:40 am

beautiful! ah, so cozy and comfy. and yes, i would SO love to sit in a circle with all of my blog sisters here…knitting and sharing stories and parenting ideas. heaven. so i’m definitely in on the flickr group. i’ll see you there!

maya October 16, 2008 at 9:27 am

oh how i wish i had one of the quilts my grandmother made! i think everyone got one but me. but i’m the one who has her rocking chair and her bread bowl. 🙂

Alissa October 16, 2008 at 4:05 pm

Gosh, I’ve been reading blogs for years and this really brought a surprise tear to my eye. Thank you for your honesty, it is so refreshing.

Katie July 2, 2009 at 3:51 am

Just joined the flickr group, oh to sit down and knit in a peaceful moment, when the girls arent pulling at the wool like a couple of kittens.

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