Only a Few Days Left

by Stefani on 23-January-2009

Hey y'all!

Just a quick pop in today with some Book of Days news. 

We're working like crazy to get the new February edition of the Book of Days ready. We hope (fingers firmly crossed) that it will be available for you next Monday, the 26th, so that you can have some time to read through it and gather up supplies and books before the new month is upon us. 

I should tell you that my family has been so touched and honored, and just every good emotion you can dream up by all the families that have started this journey with us. 

Each and every time we get a new subscriber, my guys put a dot on their maps (one of the states and one of the world) where the new family lives. We've got those maps hanging on our refrigerator, and they remind us that we are connected to families in almost every state and in 7 other countries too! 

35 States, 7 Countries

It's humbling and thrilling for all of us, and it has inspired us to make this new month even more fun than the last. Each of us looks at that map and feels this wonderful kinship. We all want to do our best for the families that are counting on us. 

So, February's edition has double the activities, a fancy new color coded, easier to use format for the Field Guide, and well… we think it's really fun and cute, and we just like it a lot and hope that you do too. We can't wait to share it with you! 

You know what that means though, right? January's Book of Days Contest is almost over!

We will be giving away the Tomten, and his story book just as soon as we announce that a new edition of the Book of Days is ready. 

That means if you are not a Book of Days subscriber, and have not yet left a comment to our original contest post, you need to run right over there and post a comment for your chance to win. 

If you ARE a Book of Days subscriber, you can earn extra entries by emailing me about your adventures with the book. There's a little "Email Me" button right up on the top left corner of this page. You can send photos (we love that!), send me a link to your blog post, or just email me a few sentences about some fun you had, or how your family is enjoying the book. 

The whole Blue Yonder gang gets a huge kick out of hearing about other families enjoying our activities. 

Here are just a few of the sweet things we've heard and seen so far: 

The Mossman family has been busy experimenting and winter bird watching - 

The Mossman's Book of Days

I don't know about you, but I want to pinch that little cheek, and those little birdies are about the sweetest thing evah!

The Budayr family had an ingenious new idea for their family's book. Valerie writes that, 
"We print everyone in the family a copy of your calendar. Each day, each one of us writes "Our Best Moment" of the day.  Once a week we get together to share our weekly "Best Moments". 

Isn't that cool? I just love that idea. 

The Finger family is killing me with their cuteness.

First, their super fab snowflake drawings- 

Finger Family Flakes

Then, a little smoochie-faced scientist. 

Smoochie Scientist

The Book of Days kiddos, up and coming scientists that they are, tell me that you must not forget to HOLD the egg once the experiment is complete. It's wiggly jiggly good stuff. 

So keep those Book of Days stories coming folks, and we'll see you back here on Monday!

We wish you a blessed weekend!

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