Of Birds and Bones and Lavender

by Stefani on 3-February-2009

Good morning everyone!

Oh! I might be too old for slumber parties! I'm zonked!

Well, it wasn't the slumber party really, it was staying up too late with someone who's been away too long. 

I'm a zombie today, and awfully behind on the whole "clear the clothes off the couch, practice subtraction with regrouping, "mama can I have another piece of toast", dash to the post office and the grocery store stuff of life. 

So, I'm just gonna pop in today to say hi and let you know that Cassandra of Dandelion Bones   was lucky number 26


 and winner of the Beebee Mod gift certificate. 

Remember though, you still have until the 6th to take 15% off your Beebee Mod purchase if you use our secret code, "sleepover" 

Now, as much as I'd like to stay and chat, duty calls. 

Don't go too far though, because I have lots to tell you about… 

How to talk fisherman. 

How to get your very own trucker name and make your kids think you're an undercover FBI agent all at the same time. 

How to take a vacation to Buenos Aires without ever leaving your home. 

… and the long promised, How to keep your bread comfy atop your table. After all comfy bread is yummy bread – it's a proven scientific fact. 

Now, until I come back, close your eyes, and listen to this (a Ruthie Foster rendition of one of my most favorite Lucinda Williams tunes):


What do you see when you listen to that song? 

To me, it says fields of lavender and gauzy curtains blowing in a spring breeze… a checkered table cloth and a white candle in a mason jar… dancing barefoot in the kitchen with someone I love… 

In other words, heaven.

 Have a wonderful day!

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