Love. That. Man.

by Stefani on 18-May-2007

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Can I tell you how much I love my husband?

Less than 24 hours after we got home from a weeklong vacation, he boarded a plane for a monumentally important business trip to Japan. He had lots of meetings, schmoozing and power brokering ahead of him, but that didn’t stop us Japan-loving leeches from giving him our list of stuff we wanted him to hunt down and haul a bazillion miles home.

Did he come through or what?

Not one, not two, but, wait for it…. SEVEN glorious, picture-filled, full-color, make your felt-lovin’ heart go pitter pat, volumes of Japanese craft books came home in that man’s suit case.

And gum. My favorite only-in-Japan gum.

And curry. My favorite only-in-Japan, fastfood-delight, curry packets.

And in case you are wondering if he forgot our spawn, he didn’t.

My James was near desperate to have a fan. He got one. And so did his brothers. If (and that’s one heck of an if) they can wrench them out of James’ hands.


They also got some cool little paper kites, with funky Japanese drawings on them, and these neat origami balls that you blow up. And, if you are 2, they are also awful fun to rip to shreds.


So, excuse us while we slurp the Daddy all to pieces.

And stay tuned… Over the weekend I’m going to try to finish some craft projects to show you, migrate content from my old blog over here, and I’m also going thrifting so I might have some spoils to show.

See ya Monday!

erin May 19, 2007 at 7:31 pm

what a haul! and a good man! you lucky ducks.

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