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by Stefani on 16-February-2009

You know what's great about kids?

They aren't afraid of mirrors. 

Apart from those guys at the gym who like to watch their muscles flex in the ginormous mirrors, I don't know any adults who will stand in front of a one and just love themselves all to pieces. 

I'm willing to lay money down though that you'd be hard pressed to find a kid that wouldn't make full use of a mirror. Mine are no exception. 

Put them in front of a one and you get funny faces, silly dances, and a complete 99 point inspection of every available facial muscle. They are enamored with themselves. 

I love that. I'll be sad when they lose the ability to look at their own face without criticism, with only fascination. 

I put a big mirror in our school/craft room today and lay some blank books and crayons nearby. 

I didn't say a word.. didn't have to. Within minutes they were hamming it up and drawing their silly faces. 

Self Examination

Every now and again, I'd say something like, "hey, what shape would you say my eyes are?" or "I'm going to try to make my mouth into a square… duuuu iiiii loo square?" Before long, they were finding shapes in their own faces. 

Know Thyself

Later, while one brother was having his guitar lesson, the oldest and I took note of face shapes that passed us by and brainstormed some different ways to draw various features. 

Our page of ideas is now hanging alongside the mirror by our art table, for the next time we feel like making silly faces. 

Face Doodling

Go on, make some. I promise, your granny was just teasing when she said that it would stick like that 🙂

If you'd like some more inspiration, check out any of Ed Emberly's books. He's a genius when it comes to distilling drawing down to manageable shapes. 

We have Make a World and Animals, but I kind of think Faces should be next on our list!

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