It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

by Stefani on 28-May-2007

Because it’s raining,


and because it sounded so cozy on our roof and window panes, we slept until NINE! I didn’t even know that was possible!

Even then, we woke up slowly.

They stayed nappy-headed, in PJs, watching Tom and Jerry.

I stared, stitched a little, stared some more at this:


I was sort of going for rough, gnarly branches and fraying leaves, no really, but I’m thinking that it might look more like I set the boys loose with needle and thread.

When we all got tired of staring, we experimented in the kitchen and came up with Cinnamon Pizza Special (their name), and decided that the goodness of it necessitated the good dishes.


A little later we’re going to get out the puppet theater for a rendition of “The Three Little Frogs” (because we can’t find the third pig and I don’t feel like pig sewing.)

I feel like placemat sewing. Hint Hint.

If we tire of those frogs, there’s a good chance that these


will meet their destiny


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