by Stefani on 26-February-2009

Thank  you, so truly, for all your enthusiasm for our new Book of Days edition. It just means so much to me, to all of us. 

To have the immense privilege of doing something that we love,  and then to be able to share that with other families… it's just such a gift. It sounds cliche, I know, but it really is a dream come true, and I can't thank you enough for that. 

And now that we've launched, and I've gushed, I will try to make good on my resolve to spend some time being quiet

I leave you today then with just one thought… while making breakfast this morning, I looked up and realized something I don't think I had noticed before.

Because of my sons, my days are drenched in color. 

Bright Sunshiney Day 

Cheery little muffin cups to "mama I NEED to paint something before I can eat brefftist!" 

While Waiting for the Muffins 

… it's like they cover my brown melancholy center with a bright candy coated shell. 

I need to remember to thank them more often for all the little blessings that they lavish on me. 

I hope your day is full of color  and reasons to say "thank you" too!

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