Flower Power

by Stefani on 7-July-2007


Every spring, we await the arrival of the bluebonnets. It sets our souls alight, and we immediately start planning our photo-op outifts. Well, yes, I start planning the outfits. They start asking if we will be going out for ice cream if they smile for the camera.

Almost overnight, our roadsides turn from a dingy grey-brown to a riot of deep blue. It’s one of my favorite things about Texas. I am always so sad to see the bluebonnets fade and disappear when the temperatures begin to creep upward.

Somehow, every year, I, in my bluebonnet mourning, am surprised to see the sunny faces of the flowers that follow. They don’t get nearly as much glory. They are lanky preteenish sort of things. No one wants to have their photo taken with them.

They hold their yellow heads up high though, and proudly cover every inch of ground from here to Oklahoma, it seems. I love them for that. Enough to stop on the side of the road, scissors in hand, and bring some home. Bugs and all.


Molly July 7, 2007 at 7:50 pm

I love that bouquet! Sunshine for the house. 🙂

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