Eight Things to Say (with TWO giveaways!)

by Stefani on 12-February-2009

I have a lot rolling around in my head… too many lists and ideas and half finished projects and stuff that needs doing and saying. 

So, brace yourself, this post is going to very closely resemble the whirlwind inside my head. Sorry about that. 

Maybe numbering it will make it make more sense. Maybe.

Here goes: 

**oNe ** – You must go and visit this inspiring blog. It's crazy really how lost I can get in that blog. Every little thing she does is magic. Genine is the reason that my older boys are getting speedball linoleum cutters  for Valentine's Day gifts. I told you that they've been itching to carve, and so I'm pretty sure they're going to really dig this

*twO* – Two beautiful and eloquent posts (this one and this one) have got me thinking, like a lot, about coming out from behind the camera sometimes, even though I'm much more comfortable behind it. MUCH. 

I've promised you that I'd be real though, and how real am I being if you never even see my face? 

A big part of what I hope to do here is to be an encouragement – to let you know that whatever you look like, whatever your house looks like, whatever your clothes look like, whether you work or stay home, homeschool your kids or send 'em to public school, eat squab or don't, whatever… you belong here. And in this place, you will be welcomed. You can just be you, and that'll be good enough for me, and we can have some fun together. 

Having that kind of place is important to me, for me, for you, but also for my boys. I want them to know that such places exist – where people are accepted and valued as is. 

I'm gonna have to lay down some of my own body image hang ups if I'm gonna do that though. 

I'll try, okay?

*tHrEe* – Speaking of coming out from behind the camera (::takes a very very VERY deep breath::) My  men, all four, have been wanting to "make a movie" about our Book of Days. They are, WE are, so proud of how the book is reaching into so many families. Watching all the photos and stories come in of other folks "doing" the book has just been so neat and humbling and incredibly rewarding for all of us. 

So, my guys got the idea that it would be fun to take it a step further… make a "film" about it. 

We all put our heads together, worked out a plan and made it happen. We had a "set" (aka friend's house), did some on location filming at a park, did some story boarding and then lots of editing. It was really such a fun family project to do together, and they are so excited to share it with you.

 I really, really do not like seeing myself on camera, nor do I like the idea of YOU seeing myself on camera, but it would be such a shame not to share all the work and thought that went into this little movie. And so I will… 

Watch the movie. It's sweet. Just go here, and click on the little boy with the baby chicks. 

*fOuR* – Check out this idea. I really think she's on to something there. It's got me doing lots of thinking about the birthdays that are coming up in this household.   

*fiVe* – The hot Sub asked me out. Or rather, he asked me in. He gave me a "date night in" tonight. It's my favorite kind of date night. We drop the guys with Grandmother and Grandfather, grab some take out and a movie, and come back home for a royal veg. Have I told you how much I like him? If you haven't tried a date night in, I highly recommend it. 

Lovely Night

*siX* – One of the best parts of a date night in is hearing all about Uno and walks to to the park and yummy dinner "and… and… and…" when we pick our guys up from THEIR date night with their grandfolks. Having grandparents nearby rocks. Having two sets in town?… well our kids are pretty dang lucky, to be sure. 

*seVen*  - You're gonna like this one… we've got a little Valentine's giveaway for you. Our fabulous sponsor, Julie of Boton de Amor is going to send one lucky winner this beautiful lovebird mobile. 

Love Birds

She's going to send it to you directly because if she sent it to me to send to you, well I'd keep it for sure. 

All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment to this post. 

You can get extra entries if you a) click over to Boton de Amor or Visual Art and come back and tell us about your favorite finds and/or b) share a Valentine/Love story with us. That gives you three chances to win! We'll announce a winner on Monday, so you have until then to leave your comments here on this post. 

** eiGhT** You should swing by Mommycoddle, cuz we're giving away some stuff over there too! And once you're there, stick around awhile. Molly is one of the sweetest souls in all of blogdom. 


Now go and have yourself a happy Valentine's weekend!

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