Doing Lunch

by Stefani on 20-February-2009

Sushi Thief 

First, a big "Howdy Y'all!" to folks visiting from Country Lifestyle Magazine. We're so glad to have you! Pull up a chair and make yourself at home. 

Now… I might better create a new blog archive category for these moments, but I'm scared to. It's like admitting that they are going to happen more frequently, which they are. 

You know it and I know it, but I'm not admitting it out loud just yet, okay? 

I'm just saying that when my oldest decided to "help" me eat my sushi, and I offered to "help" him eat his pizza too, it made me think what fun we're going to have when he's grown. 

I can see us meeting downtown and having lunch at some swank sushi joint. He'll tell me all about this great girl he's met, or a poem that "changed his life", or how his 2500 head of chicken are fairing, and I'll smile and nod and marvel that this little boy of mine has grown into such a handsome, thoughtful, neat young man. Then, I'll pick up the bill, of course, because he'll be a starving farmer/chef/writer/artist/fisherman/filmmaker (his current future job description)

I'm gonna like that. 

Quick note for Book of Days families…. I'm thinking that the new March issue should be up Monday (optimistic) or Tuesday (more likely). So if you've got comments/stories/photos to share about the February edition, please do! You can share them here or here (pretty please) or post up photos here. Remember, each comment or story or photo you share earns you an extra chance to win Mama Kopp's delightful rendition of Crinkleroot, and his accompanying Nature Almanac

Happy weekend everyone!

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