Color Week :: Rainbow

by Stefani on 1-March-2009

I missed all the fun of Erin's yellow week. I kept meaning to join in, but didn't get it together. 

So imagine my glee when I discovered not one but TWO weeks of color with which to redeem myself!  Yippeeee!

For Lynn's  Color Week, I give you today's rainbows. 

A little something for our neighborhood birdies. (read a fantastic post all about variations on this project here) We're hoping that on future walkabouts we'll spy bits of our yarn scattered in nests here and there. 

For the Birds

Something that never EVER gets old. 

This Never Gets Old

And something that is all the rage 'round these parts right now. 

God's Eye

I'll be back tomorrow with red for Lynn and my contribution for Emily's  Green Week.

******* edited to add just one more rainbow*****

Whoops, I forgot one.  My men insisted that I include their rainbow even though rainbow day was yesterday. I meant to, I did, but I forgot.

How could I have forgotten…

Here 'tis…

Rainbow in a Jar

It's one of the science experiments from this month's book, and the reason that my kitchen counter is sticky beyond all imagining. Who knew rainbows were so messy?

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