Book of Days :: March Edition

by Stefani on 24-February-2009

Did you hear some whoopin' and hollarin' last night coming from the general direction of Texas? 

I wouldn't be surprised if you had. 

The gang down at Blue Yonder Ranch was making some noise and feelin' pretty good. We danced a little jig in the kitchen (where all the best dancing is done), popped the bubby (sparkling water, thanks) and had ourselves an official launch party. In other words, our new March Book of Days is ready to share with the world! You can now find it in our shop

For us, March is a month of birthdays, making green pancakes, listening to Irish fiddle tunes, kite-flying and the first strawberries of spring. To say that we love this month would be putting it mildly. 

We've poured all that love into making this edition of the Book of Days the best yet. We sure hope that your family enjoys it as much as we have enjoyed making it for you. 

As always, a new edition means a new Mama Kopp Shop giveaway! To enter, just leave a comment on this post (you can do that wether you buy the Book of Days or not). To earn more chances to win,  tell us about your time in the Book of Days here, and/or post a photo of your adventures in the Book of Days Flickr Pool. The more you share, the more contest entries you get! 

We will close the contest and draw a random winner for March when we announce the launch of the April Book of Days. 

That lucky winner will become the new owner of not one, but TWO gorgeous, handmade, MamaKopp treasures. 

First, a sweet, chubby, little raccoon,

Sweet Raccoon

and this lovely set of woodpecker cards. 

Woodpecker Cards 

There are five different woodpeckers on these 2"x3" cards, and their names are printed on the backs. They come in a sweet felt carrying case, for the bird lover on the move. 

Our winner for March will also receive a copy of one of our favorite books about the changing of the seasons, Mother Earth and Her Children : A Quilted Fairy Tale by Sibylle von Olfers. 

Really now, don't you want to play along?

And now for February's contest winner… drumroll please…. 

Sherry, you were our lucky number 87! I will email  you soon to make travel arrangements for your new pal, Crinkleroot and his Nature Almanac. Tell your kiddos to be sure that he gets lots of time to go "Walking in Wild Places." 

Now go check out the book and let the March fun begin!

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