Blue Above and Green Below

by Stefani on 22-January-2009

Above, blue skies. 

Blue Skies 

This weekend, on a walk, I passed a tree (not this one) whose branches were already dotted with the beginnings of new buds. Is it that time already? Really?

Below, the green green grass, coming out to play once more. Only a few blades in MY yard, mind you, but still, there are those few. 

Returning Green

Predicted highs for tomorrow? In the 80s. 

I don't say this to brag to all our northern friends still buried under their heaps of white. Trust me, I've seen enough never-ending blasted summer heat to know better than to brag on our home climate!

I say it in my own defense. I say it to prove that being a disorganized procrastinator holds distinct advantages. 

I never fully put away all the summer clothes. 

I felt kinda bad about that, but you know, I think it's workin' out just fine. 

Heck, at the rate these years are flying by, maybe we ought to have just left up all the Christmas decorations. It's gonna be that time again before I know it. 

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