Birthday Boy

by Stefani on 21-May-2007

He’s not five. He can’t be. I swear I brought him home from the hospital like two weeks ago!

From birth, my little James has had us in stitches. I literally LAUGHED him into the world. The nurse told me not to move, push or breathe. She got the doctor. He said, “looks like he’s almost here,” I laughed, and BOOM, out he came. We’ve been laughing ever since.

Just look at him:


You know how there are comedians and actors that can make you laugh without trying? That’s James. He’s silly, creative and looks at the world in a way that is completely different from the way that everyone around him is seeing it.

Plus, he’s usually got his pants on backwards and some kind of crud on his face. He also falls about 17 times an hour. It adds to the comedic quality.

And now he’s five. Unbelievable.

He’s lost a tooth, learned to ride without training wheels, READING, and FIVE!

Did you hear me? F.I.V.E. FIVE!

I have a theory that greenhouse gasses are causing time to speed up.

Speaking of green. My boy is NUTS over green, so he wanted a green theme for his celebration.

He wanted me to make green goody bags with green stuff in them, like this:


He also designed his cake. He said, “Mama can you make me a chocolate cake with green on it and lollipops stuck in?” So that’s what he got:


Insert a few cousins, some sandwhiches, watermelon, sodas, some biggo croquet mallets, bubbles and silly string, and you got yourself one heck of a good time.

Later, we’re going to treat him to his favorite dinner, spaghetti, then honor a little family tradition. A few years ago, I was lamenting the fact that during the boys’ birthday parties, I’m always so busy that I hardly get to see them, hold them, and just celebrate them. So, we started a lit tle ritual of sorts.

Right before they go to bed, we cut a big slice of their cake, and put their number candle on it. We turn off all the lights and sing to the birthday kid again. I’ve never told them to, but it is such a sweet, solemn moment, that they always sing quietly, the way you would sing, “Silent Night”.

When we’re done, he blows out his candle, and we all take turns kissing the birthday boy and telling him we love him. Then, we put that slice of cake and the candle in a ziplock bag, and put it under his pillow, to give him sweet dreams for the whole next year.

I look forward to that moment all day long on their birthdays, the moment when I get to see their little faces, soft in the candle light. Somehow, no matter how old they get, in that moment, for just a split second, I can see them in my arms again, in the dim light of the hospital room, just the way I saw them that first time.


They are growing up way too fast.

TumTum June 10, 2007 at 7:51 pm


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