by Stefani on 18-February-2009

My Work (play) Space

I spent some time in the studio (slash craft room, slash school room) today, working on the March issue of our book

Ready and Willing

My men all went on a field trip with Papa. leaving me to a house that was 




And so quiet. 

It was lovely, watching the light play across my work space… 


… thinking uninterrupted thoughts.. drawing and dreaming… 

I Heart Mama Kopp

That little respite made me appreciate, so much the more, the moment when the door swung wide and my children brought the world flooding in with them. 

In a moment all that quiet space was filled once more with urgency and laughter and motion, color and vibrancy, like a vase, filled with blooms. 

Balance… still and then motion, silence and then music, alone and then together… it makes for a lovely day. 


p.s. If you're wondering about the sweet wood pecker plaques, they are from, where else, the Mama Kopp Shop. We will be giving some away soon, so stay tuned!

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