A New Edition :: June Launch Party

by Stefani on 26-May-2009

Beach Bums

Wahoooo! Summer is upon us!

We’ve had sand in our toes (in our hair, all over the car, filling our pockets), popsicles coming out of our ears and we’ve already spent a small fortune on spray-on sunscreen. Sweet, sticky, gritty, beautiful summer bliss, I tell you!

As sweet as summer is though, there are invariably long car rides, days when it’s too hot to move and those “there’s nothing to do” moments and for that, we give you the first installment of our Book of Days Summer Series.

See the USA

It’s filled to overflowing with simple ways to fill up those summer days with fun, family and learning: strawberry ice cream and zucchini fries, the mysterious depths of the ocean, secret spy messages and stopwatch stunts, investigating sound waves and natural wonders. It’s a good time waiting to happen.

As always, we’re celebrating our new issue with a special gift from our favorite mama and artist extraordinaire, Mama Kopp. One lucky reader will receive a $15 gift certificate to the Mama Kopp Shop. How on earth you’ll decide what to buy, I do not know, but you’ll sure have fun trying!

All you have to do to be entered in our contest is leave a comment here, on this post.

Book of Days subscribers can earn extra chances to win each time they tell us (or show us) something about their Book of Days adventures by emailing us or leaving a comment here or a photo here.

I will randomly draw a winner and announce her name on this post when the Book 2 of our Summer Book of Days series is released at the end of this month.

We hope you enjoy the first installment of our Summer Book of Days series as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

Cherry Picker

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