A Bright Sunshiney Day

by Stefani on 19-January-2009

I've never been a morning person. 

I'm too much of a night owl to feel good about mornings. 

But… there is something wonderful about a new day isn't there?

I love it when my bed-warmed little bunnies, with their crazy pillow hair, come shuffling into the family room to crawl under a quilt with me. I love how it takes them a while to find their voices. I love how they greet each new day – they want to know two things: what are we going to do, and what are we going to eat?

I love sitting together, for the few moments of the day that they will be still, and together watching the sun slide it's way, like a river, into our home, bringing with her a new day – fresh and unspoken for, a gift just for us. 

When the Day is New

It is a wonderful thing, the chance to make a fresh start every 24 hours. 

And speaking of fresh starts - 

It's a new day in this little space of ours too. If you're visiting via a reader, click on over and check out our fancy new features. We've got a new navigation bar to make things easier to find, new colors and a new banner to pretty it up a bit for winter, and a new "book ferris wheel" over on the sidebar. My boys love to hold down the arrow keys and make it spin. I'll admit it… I do too. 

Best of all, we have a new sponsor! 

I want to pause just a bit here and let you know that I struggled with the idea of having sponsors, and also having an Amazon bookshop. On the one hand, it feels odd a little to make money from this space. It's our life, not a marketing endeavor. 

On the other hand, if I can introduce you to some wonderful, soulful books and goods that might benefit your family – if at the same time I can help out an author, artist or shop owner – and if in doing that I can also help my own little family some, well it sounds win win win to me. 

As for our bookstore, it's there because I love books, truly, madly, deeply, and wanted to share many MANY more with you than can fit on the sidebar. I'll be adding to the bookshop with wild abandon, rest assured.  It's more than okay with me though, if you want to just copy down the names of anything that catches your fancy and then take your list to your local bookstore or library. 

Just know that whatever books or stores or products you see linked here, well I believe in them. I'd be thrilled to have them in my own home, in the hands of my own kids, and I think you will too.

So now, about that new sponsor. I think you're gonna love Beebee Mod. You really must run over there and poke around the shop… there's lots of delicious stuff for playing, wearing and creating. 

I'm personally wondering if it's wrong for a grown woman to covet a sweet handmade bunny and a butterfly mobile for her own bedroom. 

Go on over, and I'll see ya back here tomorrow – when the sun comes sneaking back through the windowpanes again. 

Happy new week!

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