A Beautiful Mess

by Stefani on 28-January-2009

Oh my goodness! Thank you, thank you, THANK you ladies! I feel SO much better!

Y'all's lives are just as messy as ours! But what a beautiful, and FUNNY, mess it is!

Here's some of my favorites from the In Real Life Flickr Group: 

Monkey Madame!25-09-2008 Casi un lío / Almost a mess
making slime
coffee table friday afternoon
being less than perfect

One shoe, really, really crabby

Did you see a recurring theme – kids being kids, and moms doing their best. Ain't it grand? 

We're going to have to do this regularly, because it feels so good. 

You know how sometimes you get together with a group of friends and at first you're all talking about how great your kids are doing in school and this wonderful meal you made and how odd the weather has been and then after a while everyone's shoulders begin to relax and the real stories come out? Before long, you're all crying because you're laughing so hard about poor Lisa who had to cart a paper bag of poo to the doctor to be tested for roundworms? Then, when you go home, your cheeks hurt and you feel hugged and affirmed down to your very core?

It was like that, checking in on all your "Real Life" photos. Thanks for that. 

In other news: 

My kids were over the moon this morning because we had an "Ice Storm."

In these parts, that means there was a quarter inch thick layer of thin ice over everything. 

My guys were EC-freaking-STATIC over the two inch long icicles. 

2 Inches of Glory

It doesn't take much to impress us. 

The chickens though… they were not impressed. Not one bit. 

Frozen Chickens

By the way, what you DON'T see in that photo is yet another slice of real life down on the Blue Yonder Ranch. My boy's half eaten hot dog was on the floor. That's right hot dog (FOR BREAKFAST!) on the FLOOR. That's just wrong on so many levels. 

Oh, and speaking of chickens, some folks have asked for a Book of Days button for their blogs. I never imagined anyone would want such a thing, but believe you me, we are more than willing to oblige. 

My chicken farmer felt pretty strongly that our button should be a hen… one you can adopt for your blog… "like webkins for grown ups." So, there's a little gal over on the sidebar that you can take home to roost, should you be so inclined. Click on her, and she'll show you to the instructions. 

And now, we are off to snuggle in by the fire! We hope your day is warm wonderful, and full of the insanity that is Real Life. 

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