I Saw The Light

by Stefani on 2-February-2009

I don't know if old Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow today. Do you? 

Shadow Play

Really it doesn't make much difference in these parts. Whatever prediction Phil makes doesn't really apply to Texas. 

Here, spring is on its way, no doubt about it. 

You can see it in the changing light. 

Something about the color, the FEEL of the light is changing from blue to golden. 

Blue To Gold

And when I see it, in some fleeting moment, when spring coyly shows a hint of herself … 

Well it's like all of creation sighs. 

I cannot wait for flowers and dirt under my fingernails and the smell of growing things and the taste of berries… picnics and new life and bare feet. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Spring never fails to bring my creativity back with her too… new ideas, better photos, new things to learn and new paths to take. Renewal.


And I don't even live where there's real winter, so I can only imagine what spring means to those of you who do! 

Every single time I see that whispy little quality of spring light returning, it's like a promise that it will soon be here…. and where you are too. 



Quick notes: 

1) The pajama party is winding down, but you've still got time to join in. I won't draw a winner until tonight. 

2) Go and check out The Crafty Crow today… there's a big ol' Book of Days giveaway! Don't you just love that site? It makes me want to buy boatloads of paste and pipe cleaners and construction paper!

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